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Forms of use and recommended dosage

The best and most efficient way to apply Red Demon Professional Use is by spraying. If treating varnished or painted wood, then injection is the strictly required method, although, unlike the other wood protection products, this treatment would be done without needing artificial pressure generated by compressors.

The dosage, depending on the type of treatment (preventive or curative), is between 60 and 80 gr/m2 and between 600 and 800 gr/m3.

With the preventive treatment, a simple spraying is enough while for the curative treatment, always used on wood already in use, the injection method is recommended for better results. But the injection treatment is only strictly required when the wood is varnished or painted.

Red Demon Professional Use, the ranking containers sizes are: 1, 5, 25, 200 and 1.000 liters. For spraying, can be performed through manual means by the P.A.U System (Portable Application Unit) or, on the industrial scale, the A.S.I.P System (Automated System of Industrial Pulverizing)

The essential conditions for applying the product are:

  • Keep the site as well-ventilated as possible during and after the application.
  • No smoking and total absence of flames or incandescent substances.
  • Keep all pets away.

VERY IMPORTANT: Red Demon Professional Use is a product developed solely for treating dead wood; both for the prevention of, as well as curing from, an attack by any species of wood-boring insect that may cause damages in it.

All wood that has not been treated with Red Demon Professional Use runs the risk of being attacked by some kind of wood-destroying insect.

Termites are undoubtedly among the most devastating wood-boring insects, and specifically the Reticulitermes Lucifugus species, the most common one found in Spain and the entire Mediterranean basin.


1. INCREDIBLY LOW DOSAGE: BETWEEN 60 AND 80 gr/m2 and 600 to 800gr/m3

The dosage for Red Demon Professional Use, from 60 to 80 gr/m2 and 600 to 800 gr/m3.

This involves a greater convenience in application in any field and great savings in logistics and handling the product. In addition, it is a clear indication of its great effectiveness and, above all, its capacity for incredibly boosting its performance with small increases in dosage.

These surprising dosage figures are certified by Cidemco, the independent laboratory accredited by ENAC.


Red Demon Professional Use, with the special composition of its vehicle, brings the Active Ingredients Etofenprox and Thiamethoxam down and deep to the very heartwood if required.

In less than 1 minute, depending on the kind of wood, its condition and the dosage applied, it can penetrate the first 10 mm and will have penetrated between 20 mm to 100 mm in 30 minutes without using any kind of pressure. But Red Demon Professional Use never stops penetrating as long as the dosage is sufficient so that the heartwood itself can be reached given enough time and the right amount of the product.

Independent laboratories accredited by ENAC certify this incredible penetration ability.


Just a single application of Red Demon Professional Use on the wood is enough to do the job. Repeated applications and subsequent revisions are not necessary.  Applying the recommended dosage of the product one time to the wood guarantees these final results:

  • Instant appreciation of efficacy
  • 100% effectiveness
  • Protection for 10 years minimum.


   The water-resistant capacity of Red Demon Professional Use means wood protected with the product has less capacity for retaining water. That makes it particularly recommended for outdoor furniture and wood that will be exposed to the elements.


Thanks to its extremely low dosage, amazing capacity for penetration and retention in the wood, and insolubility in water, the environmental impact is nil.

Due to its characteristics, Red Demon Professional Use represents an efficient resource that is also practically harmless to nature.

Red Demon products are not harmful, in the event of accidental spilling directly on ground surfaces or in water due to Red Demon products are not water miscible they have an easy quick recovery. Under no circumstances will there be any danger to the public or environment health, always that the provided instructions for use and safety measures recommended by the brand are followed.


Red Demon Professional Use is the only wood protector which can guarantee that all wood protected with the dosage and forms of used recommended for the brand will be free from wood-eating insects for 10 years minimum.

That is why, a Certificate of Guarantee is issued to every company which treats its wood with Red Demon Professional Use. This certificate is also accompanied by two Guarantee Stamps so that the end client receives the added value of the product they are buying:

  • Wood Industry
    For wooden homes, structures, parquet, etc.
  • Furniture and Carpentry Industry:
    To attach to each finished product.


Due to its simple application system and low dosage, using Red Demon Professional Use results in great savings:

  • No need to transport great quantities of a product anymore because you only need to move between 2% and 5% of the amount you required before.
  • Now you don't need complicated and costly application systems for the product: deeping process, compressors, etc.
  • By handling the dosage you can also carry out more precise and effective treatments, thus controlling the cost better.
  • Pest control professionals no longer have to make holes of 8-12 diameter width in the beams, doors and windows frames, etc and introduce an unremovable plastic plugs in order to apply products using high pressure generated by a compressor, thus affecting wood not only esthetically due to the reason that such plastic plugs are left exposed on the wood´s surface, but also what is more important, this method of application damage dramatically the structure of the treated wood with all the dangers that this involves.


Red Demon Professional Use is distributed only and exclusively in the professional market for professionals of Wood Industry, as for example are the Furniture Manufacture sector or companies specialized in the performance of wood treatment "in situ" on any kind of buildings or structures.

The tremendous efficiency of Red Demon Professional Use makes it the perfect product for professionals who want to effectively cure and protect wood from any wood-destroying threat.

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