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Red Demon Household Use

RED DEMON Household Use will be available to everyone, from homemakers to people who love DIY home decor. Ready for use.

Developed to cover the necessity to protect wood against the attack of xylophagus insects: termites, woodworms, etc..., to be used by the public in general, as for example is in the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) sector, antiques restauration lovers or by non professional people who desires to protect their wood in a preventive or curative way, against the above mentioned wood destroyers plagues. 


Some of its characteristics and advantages are: 

  • Very easy and simple to apply. Only has to be open a box of Red Demon Household Use and inside of it you will find all the necessary for its application. 
  •  Extraordinary low dosages required. Woodworms: 58,33 ml/m2  Termites: 68,99 ml/m2 (see "Certificates")
  • Amazing capability of penetration in wood, the key of its effectiveness. Due to the special composition of its "Vehicle" which transports the active substances deep into the inner of the wood.
  • Only a single application.  Just one treatment is enough. Repetitive applications for a period of time or after-treatment revisions are not necessary.
  • Instant resaults. 100% effectiveness. Disappearance of beetles wood powders in a unique application.
  • A unique product effective by spray. When wood has not a finish and is free of any kind of coats as are varnishes, paints, waxes, etc..., a very simple spray application is enough to protect wood in both manners preventive as well as curative.
  • Colourless impregnating. Do not change neither alter the natural color or texture of wood after it has been treated. 
  • For indoor and outdoor use. All wood can be treated, the one located indoors as well as the outdoor wood . 
  • Proven efficacy. The test performed by the laboratories appointed by the European Commission, proves that according to the doses indicated by the trademark is 100% effective.





Damaged piano by woodworms              Inner section of a furniture with woodworms 



Door with the characteristics boreholes of woodworms


                                                                             Detail of a chair affected by woodworms


  Wooden stairs attacked by woodworms. See the typical sawdust of these kind of wood destroyers insects.


Close-up of boreholes on a furniture             Wood carving also affected by this insect



Beam and structural elements seriously damaged by woodworms.                       back to top