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Red Demon

 RED DEMON products are liquid wood protectors for direct application (without diluting). They are composed of active ingredients recognised to act as both insecticides and fungicides accompanied by the "Vehicle", which transports them to the inside of the wood with a truly astonishing penetration and retention capability.

RED DEMON products function in a preventive and curative way on ALL KINDS of wood against ALL KINDS of xylophagous organisms. It acts by contact and via inhalation. The colour or texture of the wood does not changes or alters its asppearance after it is being treated with the product, so therefore wood keeps its natural texture and color, which this allows after a short period of time, the possibility to apply to the wood any kind of the well- known finishes (varnishes, paint laquers, waxes, etc..)

There is a RED DEMON product for every need:  

  • RED DEMON Household Use
    Developed to meet the need in the DIY, household decor or homemaker, to protect wood against wood-eating insects: termites, woodworms, etc...
  • RED DEMON Professional Use
    Specifically indicated to be used by professionals specialists personnel on the wood treatment against wood-eating insects as can be termites, woodworms, etc...
    Specifically indicated to be used by professionals specialists personnel on treatments for protecting recently sawed wood to prevent the growth of sapstain fungi on wood. The only product in the world that with a spray application is 100% effective, not only on opened stacked wood but also on closed.
    Specifically indicated to be used by professionals specialists personnel on the protection of wood, up to categories Use Class (UC) 3.1 and 3.2 against the attack on wood of all kind of xylophagous organisms whether insects or fungi, as they are termites, woodworms, moths, "blue stain fungi", white rot fungi, etc...



All RED DEMON products are formulated with active substances authorized by the European Commission which are approved and included in Annex I,  Product Type 8 (PT8 wood preservatives) of Biocides Directive 98/8/EC, as well as all its components. In full compliance with the terms of Regulation (EU) Nº 528/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2012, concerning the available on the market and use of biocidal products.

RED DEMON products are in compliance with all tests and trials required by the above mentioned authority and all of them were been performed in european laboratories with GLP (Good Laboratories Practice) accreditation, complying with the essentials requirements which are indispensables to obtain the unique european registration that allows to commercialize and use biocidal products in any of the Country Members of the EU.

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