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In this section  you will find the answers to many of your questions. In the event you do not find the proper answer to your doubts, please contact us throught the contact form for further information and we will respond to all your questions as soon as we can.


Red Demon products are wood preservative products, in other words, they prevent and cure from the attack of any kind of insect or xylophagous organisms (woodworms, termites, moths, fungus, etc.) that feed themselves from wood destroying it.

The range of Red Demon is divided in four products:

- Red Demon Household Use

- Red Demon  Professional Use

- Red Demon SRF

- Red Demon SBS

What the wood preservative products Red Demon are? How they protect wood preventing and curing it from the attack of insects or others xylophagous organisms?

Each of the Red Demon products has an specific use, and they are been developed to combat wood destroyers pests, which feed themselves from wood causing on it severe damages, not only aesthetics but also to its structure.

Red Demon products possess a double action: prevent and cure. In other words, if at the time when Red Demon products are applied exist whichever of the above mentioned wood destroyers plagues, they are instantly eliminated by the product. For the treatments on wood that any xylophagous specie is not housed yet, after Red Demon products has been applied, it avoids the future attack of such pests, due to wood acquires a "repellent effect".


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 How is possible that the product is able to reach 100% effectiveness with such low dosage?

The key to effectiveness in all Red Demon products is due to its high capability of penetration in wood, thanks to the composition technology of the "Vehicle" which transports the active ingredients content n the formulae of the products until arrive to the heartwood where they remain for the undefined period of time. This penetration capability can reach till Use Class 3.2 without the need of using Vacuum systems (Autoclaves), neither any other kind of application system by pressure. The above mentioned penetration ability is certified by the carried out tests by the ENAC accredited external laboratories, in compliance with the requeriments of standard EN 351-1:1995.

What parameters I should have to take into account in order to determine the dose of product I need to apply for each scenario?

The different variables under consideration are:

  • Desired level of penetration
  • If the treatment is preventive or curative
  • Pest target to repel
  • Level of infestation in the wood

In the different test certificates that you will find on this Web site, you could learn about the recommended doses for each case. In the event the treatment you have to perform is a very specific scenario and your mind is filled with doubts in respect to it, please do not hesitate in contact us through the contact form and we will respond to all your questions as soon as we can.

In hardly impregnable woods (hard woods) can the product penetrate deeply into the wood?

All Red Demon products had an astounding capability of penetration, regardless whether they are soft or hard woods, since the product introduce itself in both the same. This power of penetration, it makes introducing the product deep into the wood, and it is extremly fast absorbed by wood, creating an effect just as if the wood would be an "sponge". Obviously, the doses to apply will vary according to impregnability of specie of wood to treat and to the wished degree of penetration.

Red Demon products have an strong or unpleasant odour?

No. Exactly the opposite, each of the four different Red Demon products has a really mild smell, not known until now in the wood preservative treatment products sector. Since up to know, in the wood treatment products industry that are been using they were always characterized by the strong and unpleasant odour that after they are being applied, wood gives off bad odor and it lasts for a long period of time from the treatment.

Instead of this, all Red Demon have a very smooth smell which is very similar to any common varnish, and just after few minutes of its application in the wood, the smell disapears extremelly quick from the room ambient.

Does applying Red Demon products alter some properties of the wood, like colour, texture or degree of strength, for example?

Applying Red Demon products doesn't change or alter the colour or texture of the wood, that after treatment its aspect and texture still the same than before the application of the product. The strength should increase after applying the product.

That's why they are the only wood preservative products against wood-eating organisms in the world specifically recommended for the treatment of all kind of furnitures, wood carvings, scultures, etc., as well as for wood that is part of structures in buildings, which efficacy has been proven by tests and certificates performed by official laboratories appointed by the European Comission. For the above mentioned reasons, wood treatments that has been made with Red Demon products, they guarantee its total protection against the external aggressions which wood might be exposed to, as are fungi and insects.

How long should I wait before applying wood finishes like varnishes or paints to woods that have been treated with any Red Demon product?

Due to the amazing speed with wich wood absorbs our products, just few minutes it must be wait after treatment with Red Demon products has been done, to be applied on it any kind of wood finishes like: lacquers, varnishes, paints, waxes, etc.

How long should I wait before going into places where the product has been applied?

When the state Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs issued the certificate registering our  product, they stipulated a recommended safety period of 12 hours. It´s also important to remember that the locations should be adequately ventiled before going back inside them.

Isn´t it unhealthy to live or be in a enclosed space as it can be a house, office, etc., that has been treated with any Red Demon product?

Due to the extremely high penetration and retention capacity of the product, the treated wood is harmless to human beings, making it possible the placing of such protected wood with Red Demon at homes, hospitals and other public buildings without posing any health risk.


Which of the four Red Demon products should I choose to solve the problem that is affecting my wood?

If the problem is located in your furnitures, beams, doors and windows frames, and other wooden items, which shows to be affected by any kind of wood-eating insect that destroys wood, and you are not a professional in the wood treatment sector, the product you have to use is Red Demon Household Use. This product is which conforms more to your case, since it has been developed to be used by the general public.

For applications at professional level, the appropiated product to be choosen would be Red Demon Professional Use, that at the same as Red Demon Household Use, it acts against wood-eating insects. In the event that the wood to be treated to prevent or cure, aside against the insects, the wood is damaged or it can be in the future by xylophagous fungus which causes severe damaged in it, the product to be used to combat both wood plagues, also by specialized personnel is Red Demon SRF.

Due to the characteristics of  Red Demon SRF, its use at industrial level is also possible.

Red Demon SBS is a product of specific use for prevention against sapstain fungi, for industrial level treatments.

What is needed to apply RED DEMON products?

The first thing to have in mind is the kind of product I need to choose over the Red Demon range, according to what is affecting or could affect in the future to my wood. Since depending on this factor, the product to be choosen is different according to each target and the means of application will vary according to the method of treatment selected and the specific Red Demon product as well:

At DIY level (no professionals):

For spray and injection applications Red Demon Household Use, it comes with all required accessories.

At professional level:

Spray treatment with the products Red Demon Professional Use, Red Demon SRF and Red Demon SBS, which its application is performed through P.A.U System (Portable Application Unit).

At industrial scale:

The application of the products Red Demon Professional Use, Red Demon SRF, and Red Demon SBS, in fully automatic way, is performed through A.S.I.P System (Automated System of Industrial Pulverizing), or either by the Red Demon Vacuum System (Autoclave) for the application of the products Red Demon Professional Use and Red Demon SRF by spray/mist (fog effect).

To learn more about Red Demon application systems, "click" on: Application and dosage


For the adequate and effective application of Red Demon products, all treatments must be performed by the means of systems and equipments that Red Demon brand has developed for this purpose. Such systems and equipments are available and supplied with Red Demon products, and they can be acquired at the same time in any of your nearest point of sale or authorized distributor. For more information, please contact us through the contact form.


Is it true that woodworms and termites do not each chipboard?

False. There is an erroneous widely held belief about chipboard has self-defense againts the attack of insects that feed themselves from wood, because in the manufacture of this material includes glues and others chemicals elements.

It is generally believed that neither termites nor woodworms eat objects made with this kind of materials (chipboard), as are furniture, shelves, etc. In fact, it is just the contrary since chipboard is composed by tiny wood fractions glued together in a compact way, that once finished the manufacture process, as result from it, are the chipboards, which they have a very soft consistency being particularly vulnerable  to the attack of the above mentioned xylophagous insects, which obtain the cellulose content in the wood of the chipboards to feed themselves.

What could happen if I place at my home any furniture or wooden object affected by any wood borer plague? It can this plague spread to other furniture at home, as well as all materials which are composed by wood, as for instance parquet floors and wood plank floors?

Yes, given the way these insects of wood acts, there is an enormous possibility that woodworms look for food in other wood near to them. Therefore is a serious risk if we place a any furniture or any other wooden object that is affected by wood bores which are in its inner, because these insects will spread extremely fast to all furnitures or wooden belogings that its physical locations are at the same rooms of buildings, homes, etc.

The definitive solution is to treat wood with Red Demon products, first the affected furniture or object to cure it eliminating the plague instantly and then, all rest of wood (furnitures, floors, beams, etc) must be also treated to prevent from the attack of wood destroying insects, using for all it the product: Red Demon Household Use, or for cases to be applied by a professional in the wood treatment sector with, Red Demon Professional Use.

Can the heartwood be attacked by xylophagous insects?

Is a quite common misconception to believe that the hardest wood species and also its heartwood parts can not be attacked by any wood destructor insect. While it is true that the operating way these insects has is to feed themselves from the cellulose content in wood, is first to attack the softest wood, as well as its sapwood (soft part of wood), but in the absence of soft wood, its sapwood part or after it has been consumed by  such insects, this plague will seek its feed in more hard wood species, or will iniciate their attack to the heartwood (hard part of wood).

For these reasons, it is important to highlight that there is nothing in the characteristics of the different species of hard woods that impedes the wood destruction advancement of this plague, no matter its hardness degree, since the sole purpose these insects had is feed themselves, causing extreme destruction in wood, not only aesthetically but also in its structure.

It is true that if my furnitures, beams, structural elements, doors, windows, etc. are made with hard wood species as can be  oak  or ebony between other more, an attack to the hardest wood species as these are by any kind of insect that feeds from wood is impossible?

Completely false. All woods, does not matter the degree of hardness of its fiber texture, whether are very soft or hard, both equally are exposed to the risk to be attacked by any insect that feed  itself from wood destroying it. This is why all wood that has not received the proper treatment with RED DEMON products, is in serious danger if a necessary treatment with the above mentioned products is not performed.

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