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Aware of the serious pollution problems affecting our planet, due in large part to the indiscriminate use of chemical products, Red Demon products commits itself to respect the environment due to their characteristics that make them an both effective resource and practically harmless to the natural world. The most important characteristics are:

  1. Very low dosage
  2. Great penetration capacity at an incredibly rapid rate
  3. Completely environmentally friendly
  4. Non-drip
  5. 100% effectiveness
  6. No leaching

Red Demon products are 100% effective with an incredibly low dosage. Large amounts of wood can be treated with just a very small quantity of the product and even if the dosage is excessive through error or negligence, the possibility of saturating the wood and consequent loss of the product is negligible thanks to the high capacity and rapid rate of penetration of Red Demon products.

The same penetration and retention capacity makes leaching of the product practically impossible even if the wood is in permanent contact with water.

Finally, since the products are not miscible in water, there is no possibility that weather conditions such as rain, snow, etc., can sweep Red Demon products into the ground or waterways.

Due to this extremely high penetration and retention capacity, the treated wood is also harmless to human beings, making it usable in homes, hospitals and other public buildings without posing any health risk.

Red Demon products are not harmful. In case of accidental spillage on soil or water, their recovery is easy and quick, since these products are not miscible in water. Under no circumstances do they represent any danger to public or environmental health to the degree that the instructions for use and safety measures recommended by the brand are followed.

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